Pacific NW Property Management specializes in financial/consulting services for Homeowner Associations (condominium and residential developments) throughout the greater Seattle and Edmonds area. We also offer management services for individual residential homes and condominiums as well as commercial properties.

Homeowner Association Financial Management Services:

We currently manage over thirty Homeowner Associations and I have sold hundreds of condominiums over the past thirty years.  My vast experience can help your Association run smooth and efficient at about half the cost of most full-service management companies I have lived in condominiums and was a homeowner President for eight years.  I also have owned many investment/rental condominiums throughout the area.

The services stated below would be offered for a set monthly fee that is based on the size of your Association:

  1. Collection of Homeowner dues and other receivables. (ACH – Direct Payment Services Available)
  2. Maintain all accounts payable.
  3. Computerized monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements provided to Board, with original bank statements.
  4. Assistance in drafting annual budget and determining monthly maintenance dues and will attend annual meeting.
  5. Consulting with the Board on issues relating to the condominium and contractor referrals for building maintenance and repairs. No financial ties to any referred contractors.
  6. Prepare Resale Certificates (Paid by Individual Sellers at the time of sale)
  7. We help prepare the Annual Tax Return (completed by local CPA) and you Corporate Register.

Now that your financials are in order most associations want some help or guidance with maintenance issues. Instead of paying for full-service management and only using it every couple month’s we refer independent contractors to you for no additional charge. These contractors charge a set hourly rate for only the specific time they are at the building or working on your behalf thus passing the savings onto you.

If you are pleased with your maintenance people (gardener, cleaning people, etc.) then we will continue to work with them. If you are looking to make some changes, we can set you up with recommended contractors referred from other buildings that we manage.

A one-time set up fee, minimum of $500, will be charged for the initial time and materials to contact all owners and vendors plus the set-up of hard files as well as computer files. No additional charges for copies or telephone calls.

Residential Management Services:

We offer a Placement Service or a Full Monthly Rental Service.

Placement Service includes:  Showing, screening and placing a new tenant for your property.  We would prepare all the proper lease documents and conduct the initial walk-through.  After that the tenant would work directly with Landlord.  FEE = One Full Month of Rent.

Full Monthly Rental Services:  Include the Placement Services as stated above (FEE = One full month of rent) then moving forward we would collect the rent and be the first contact point for any correspondences with your tenants.  After fees and or approved expenses were deducted form the monthly rent, we would deposit your funds into your bank account.  FEE = 10% of Gross Monthly Rent.

Commercial Management Services:

We offer complete commercial management services for standalone properties, strip malls or storage facilities.  We collect the rents, pay the bills, work with the existing tenants, help place new tenants and negotiate new and renewing leases.  We also work with the vendors and contractors to help keep cost down while keeping the maintenance at the highest level.  Rates and services will vary depending on size and condition of the property.

Please contact us for more information on any of the Management Services listed above.


Mark J. Johnson
Owner - Pacific NW Property Management

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